The Fayetteville Film Fest
Micheaux Award
& Film Lab

The Fayetteville Film Fest Micheaux Award and Film Lab is designed to support and encourage creation and authorship of Arkansas-based projects from Black, Indigenous and filmmakers of color through two initiatives: The Micheaux Award which will distribute funds to BIPOC filmmakers in two cycles throughout the year; and The Film Lab, which facilitates year-round educational and workshop opportunities to strengthen the Arkansas-based BIPOC film community.

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The Micheaux Award - named in honor of Oscar Micheaux, a founding father of American Black cinema - will distribute up to $4,000 in two cycles per year. Awards will be distributed to 2 to 3 film projects per cycle with no single application receiving more than $1,500.

  • Open to film projects in all stages of development, scope and genre.

  • Open to film projects made by BIPOC individuals living or working in Arkansas, or with a historical connection to the state. Preference will apply to filmmakers focused on the BIPOC communities of which they are a part.

  • Films that address issues of social and racial justice are especially encouraged.

  • Submitter must be at least 18 years of age.

The Winter 2021 Cycle will open for applications November 15, 2021 and closed December 31, 2021. Recipients of awards for the Winter Cycle will be announced March 1, 2022.

The Summer 2022 Cycle will open for applications May 15, 2022 and close July 31, 2022. Recipients of awards for the Summer Cycle will be announced September 1, 2022.



The Film Lab will facilitate educational workshops and networking events to encourage diverse content creation, equip filmmakers of color to tell their own stories and cultivate audiences that are truly reflective of our whole community.

There are three areas of focus for the educational/mentorship plan:

  • Technical aspects of filmmaking

  • Business fundamentals

  • Networking opportunities to broaden reach and impact

Networking opportunities will come in the form of regular quarterly meetings (online in the short-term and in-person once it is safe to do so given the current health crisis), as well as occasional community events and public film screenings.

These education touchpoints will allow the FFF to extend its support to the BIPOC community throughout the year, establish a platform to showcase work produced by these communities, and create connections for local filmmakers to grow their presence beyond state borders.


The Film Labs and awards are open to any BIPOC filmmaker living and working in Arkansas, or with a historical connection to the state. That includes citizens of Native Nations whose ancestral lands and whose Nations were formerly located within the borders of what is now Arkansas, and also to citizens of Native Nations whose ancestors were forced to emigrate through Arkansas as a result of federal Indian Removal policies. This includes Caddo, Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Creek, Delaware, Kickapoo, Osage, Peoria, Quapaw, Shawnee, and Tunica Tribes and Nations. Applications are also open to any BIPOC filmmaker who was born in or is otherwise connected to the state. 


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